stephanie (beforethecrash) wrote in belugas,

Belugas mentioned

Lately I've been craving books that are Arctic/Nothern related!
Right now I'm reading "Consumption" by Kevin Patterson. It's about a family who's living in the Arctic (pretty much present day) and it describes in really good detail just what day to day life is like there (according to this author, of course). Many of the characters' hunts are described. There's one scene where the son in the family kills a huge male beluga, the biggest one him or his grandfather have seen, it will provide them with tranditional food for months (the son & the grandfather refuse to eat imports from the south).
Anyways, I just liked that they were mentioned even if it was in a less than pleasent light. I like trying to imagine what it would be like to be so close to one in the wild!
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